Startup Incubation Workshop

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Are you ready to start your first business and want to ensure you have all your bases covered? I'll work with you to take your business from idea to making money!

Are you a first-time founder getting ready to start your own business?

Did you know that 70% of all businesses fail?

I can help you take your business from idea to making money!

This package offers you the tools and guidance you need to navigate the exciting, yet challenging, journey of launching your first business.

What's included:

  • Idea Validation & Business Model Canvas Workshop: I'll help you refine your initial concept, identify your target market, and develop a clear business model using the Business Model Canvas framework.
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis: Gain a deep understanding of your target audience, industry trends, and competitor landscape to position your business for success.
  • Legal & Business Structure Consultation: I'll advise you about legal and business structure best practices while connecting you with legal professionals to navigate business formation, legalities, and choose the most suitable structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.).
  • Financial Planning & Budgeting: I'll build you a realistic financial plan, including projections and funding needs to ensure your business is financially viable.
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development Strategy: I'll help you craft a strategy and roadmap to build a minimum viable product (MVP) that allows you to test your concept with customers, gather early feedback, and start earning revenue.
  • Marketing & Sales Playbook: We'll build a go-to-market playbook to attract your target audience, develop persuasive messaging, and build a sales funnel.
  • Pitch Deck & Fundraising Assistance: I'll build you a business plan and pitch deck for use in effectively communicating your vision to help you secure funding if needed.
  • Mentorship & Ongoing Support: I provide ongoing virtual support to answer any burning questions you have.

Additional Considerations:

  • Develop a Brand Identity: We can help you create a brand name, logo, and messaging that resonates with your target market.
  • Website & Online Presence: Explore options for building a website or landing page to establish your online presence.
  • Connect with Resources: Provide access to a network of resources I've built up during my 25+ in business.

Since you will be working directly with me, let me share what I bring to the table.

Things I've helped companies do

Here are just a few of the things I've helped companies do:

  • Increase net income growth by 10x. 🚀
  • Helped companies raise over $800M in capital (experienced with both debt & equity fundraising). 💵
  • Ideate, validate, and build net-new, modern products that have earned me national awards. 🏆

I've worked with companies ranging from pre-revenue startups to Fortune 500 tech giants.


Read what my customers have had to say here.

Is this you?

If this sounds like you, we should talk about how I can help:

  • I've been dreaming about launching a business for years, but turning my idea into a real plan is overwhelming. 😤
  • I need someone to guide me through the steps and make sure I'm on the right track. 🎯
  • I know my idea has potential, but I don't know how to reach my target market or how to develop a product they'll love. 💡
  • I need help creating a strategy and building something real. 💭
  • Fundraising feels like a whole other world, and I wouldn't know where to begin crafting a pitch that convinces investors. 💸
  • Having a mentor who's been there before would be invaluable, someone who can answer my questions and give me honest feedback. 🤝

I want this!

1:1 time with me to get your business up and running!

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Startup Incubation Workshop

0 ratings
I want this!