Attract Investors for your Business!

Jonathan Mills Patrick

*Note - I use this same process when helping clients pursuing business loans. So, the word "Investors" is interchangeable with "Lenders."

I've helped companies raise over $800M in funding, through investors or business loans.

Over the years I have developed a unique process that I call getting "Investor-ready."

As part of this engagement, I will become part of your team, acting as a fractional CFO, and helping you in your fundraising efforts.

This includes:

  • Review your existing documentation to make it more investor-friendly
  • Build you a new pitch deck, business plan, and set of financial projects (as needed; additional cost)
  • Helping you hone your value proposition
  • Helping you establish a valuation for your business
  • Helping you determine how much equity you should give to investors
  • Identifying potential investors or lenders.
  • Develop scripts for reaching out to investors through various channels (email, phone, social media)
  • Introduce you to my network of over 200+ capital allocators (when appropriate).
  • Help you prepare to pitch investors
  • Develop your data room (an online set of documents used in due diligence with investors).
  • Guide you in negotiations with investors


We will accomplish all of this in a two-month, or less, timeframe.

I want this!

I'll take you through my process that I've used to help companies raise over $800M in funding.


Attract Investors for your Business!

I want this!